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WE THE PEOPLE of the Hagerstown T.E.A. Party are a nonpartisan group of Patriots concerned about government infringement of our individual rights and liberties. We strive to hold elected government officials accountable by encouraging citizens to be involved in local, state and national governing processes. We promote patriotism, capitalism and free markets as well as personal and fiscal responsibility. We believe in preserving and upholding the Constitution.

HTP is a 501 (c) (3) education and outreach organization.  

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Hagerstown TEA Party U.S. Constitution Scholarship


The Hagerstown TEA Party (HTP) would like to announce our 2nd Annual HTP Scholarship awards of 2017. This event was held on May 22, 2017, at the Washington County Administration Center (WCPS) located on Downsville Pike.

The HTP 2nd Annual scholarship was open to all Washington County graduating high school seniors including students at public, art, private, and home schools.

The HTP congratulates 2 award winners this year. The 1st place award of a $1,000 U.S. Constitutional Scholarship went to Zane Poffenberger, Boonsboro High School senior for his presentation on the U.S. Supreme Court’s powers and decisions on cases and controversies, a very challenging topic concerning the Judicial Branch and their responsibilities of our government.

The 2nd place Scholarship award of $500 to Skyla Heise, a home-schooled senior, for her presentation on voter fraud and how to improve the integrity of our election process. Special thanks to Mr. Warner, who graciously matched our 2nd place Scholarship award of $250.

These presentations were given to a three-judge panel which consisted of Maryland Delegates Neil Parrott (2A) and Brett Wilson (2B) and Jim Warner, a highly-decorated Vietnam War Veteran and POW, a true and honorable hero. He was also a Domestic Policy Advisor to President Ronald Reagan, and former Legal Counsel of the National Rifle Association.

HTP wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Washington County Public Schools Staff members in this endeavor for providing us with a venue, outreach and technical support.

These HTP constitutional scholarships are funded by our annual gun raffle and donations.

Video of Tyler Olson, winner of the 2016 Hagerstown TEA Party U.S. Constitutional Scholarship.

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